Jay Leno Show

"Let the Good Times Roll" Love and Light Activators George's New Album is out and features me on the cover in Cartoon, but also on the track "Let the Good Times Roll" with the "Red Hot Chili Peppers", LDbarge, and George Clinton. It's out in stores now, and we will be doing the Jay Leno Show to Support on Wednesday- Yep 2MarO- so tune into the show George Clinton and the Gansters of Love on Jay Leno Wednesday, Sept 17th, NBC 11:35-10:35c Also, I have been included on Womens Radio's online Radio Station and Podcast- You can hear my music by clicking these links- http://www.live365.com/stations/womens_radio?site=pro or http://www.live365.com/profiles/womens_radio and check out their first ever podcast featuring "Ganja Street" here http://sizzlinsoundz.audioacrobat.com/rss/womensradio_music_review_podcast.xml Thanks for your continued support and remember to check out all the new video's I've posted at my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/kimberlymanning Love and Light Kim Manning

Grace Jones

Love and light activators- I’ve landed back on US soil and am in the lovely NYC, Brooklyn to be exact. The P-Funk Europe tour was quite fantastic, tiring, and fun. We ate many a free early morning breakfast due to jet lag, played some amazing festivals, and saw so many new fans and friends. I did a video log the whole tour and am in the process of uploading it all on Youtube- so far I’ve got some lovely Ireland and Italy up, but there is more to come. You can check it out at: www.youtube.com/kimberlymanning I guess the biggest story for me was at the electric picnic in Dublin Ireland. Grace Jones came to the show as she was also playing at the festival. What a great friendly loving amount of energy that she had. Well, During Maggot Brain I was dancing backstage when out of the blue Grace Jones herself jumped up and started dancing with me- all of the sudden we were in a duo improvised maggot brain ballet- it was expressive, beautiful and a whole epic adventure- at the last note of Kidd Funkadelic’s solo we finished in prime form and all around the backstage everyone was applauding- George et all. It was a pretty amazing experience. Later I was told that Ms. Jones had just initiated me into the Studio 54. By I feel all in all the beauty of the moment wasn’t in that Grace Jones danced with me, but that someone did- just to connect with another person on that level through dance and music is amazing- two strangers to be moved by the funk so intensely and intimately, but of course, it is cooler that it was the Grace Jones- but, I guess all in all it’s just a reminder that we are all people no matter how powerful, talented or even famous- we are people who can move and be moved- who can connect or not connect or even just sort of connect, which is maybe what we mostly do in our lives- but here in this moment through music Grace and myself were able to really connect- you know art gives the language in which you can’t hide- but just open all the way up. Love and Light and see you soon Kim

seattle and EU

Dear Love and light activators- We had such a great show at the Hemp fest and really want to thank everyone- Jim, Viv, Brian and the flowmotion guys for all the help. We also had a great recording session for Marcos’s friend Clint for an upcoming Seattle band compilation CD. What had a fun show, and did several interviews and were podcasted all over the world on a five camera shoot. Ran into Bone’s Thugs and Harmony and they love our show- even said “girl you got the funk”. We’ll we loved there show too. We met so many new and old friends-it was just great At the moment I’m in SF, just checked out Tystria’s show and the Dou- hung out with my old bud Shock G, and Bernadette and we tore up the town. - I sported my new “power to the peaceful”shirt Bern gave me. So soon I’m off to EU and then New York City. No real thoughts today other than proper alignment of the foot and ankle is key to back health- and sometimes the fun you find in one spot leads you to another path in a whole different city- somehow they relate –I think Love and light Kim

fun on the mothership

Well, I've officially moved to nowhere again. You see, I had to leave my old home in Nor Cal, and I'm on tour until Sept. So I'll just have to wait til then to decide what to do with myself. At the moment I'm back to my nice cuddly home in the bottom left back bunk on the P-Funk tour bus. So far the shows have been great- hope all is well love and light Kim

Boom Boom

Hey all- I've had such a great week down in LA recording with George Clinton and the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the next P-Funk album- But I'm back up the coast again to do a show at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco- After that I'm off on P-Funk Tour for a bit and then will be returning to Mendocino for some more shows- Here's the info- WHEN: Thursday April 24, 2008 DOORS: 8PM, LIVE MUSIC from 9PM-12:30AM I go on at 11:00pm WHERE: Boom Boom Room 1601 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA 94107 ADMISSION: $10 AGES: 21+ WHO: Gabby La La of Les Claypool's Band www.gabbylala.com Kim Manning of George Clinton's Pfunk www.kimmanning.com Bernadette www.myspace.com/bernadettemusic San Francisco, CA -- On Thursday, April 24, 2008, The Boom Boom Room and WomenROCK present an evening of spectacular females rocking the famous Boom Boom Room of San Francisco. Three funky female friends decided to join forces to bring to you the feminine side to rockin' out. With a wide range of experience, talent and beauty, these funky rockers bring an evening of legendary music not to be missed! GABBY LA LA Gabby La La is one of the rare music natives of San Francisco. She grew up playing sitar, accordion, ukulele, and the spoons! Her style is both "kooky and spooky" and her favorite colors are pink and blue! Gabby's newest songs are fun and fabulous and her CD "Be Careful What You Wish For..." is full of sparkling gems and melodies which you are sure to love. A "La La" show is a sing-a-long so be ready to belt, hum, whistle, and toot your little horn! KIM MANNING Kim Manning- P-Funk Allstar, Kim Manning, has been hitting the Northern California scene with her heading combination of Funk, Rock, and Hip-Hop. As an improvisational artist Kim has been seen singing with such great acts as Garaj Mahal, Blue Turtle Seduction, JFJO, Papa Molly, the Everyone Orchestra, String Cheese Incident, and her own Jam Factory. This VH1 celebreality star blows you away with her ethereal vocals and Fender Rhodes playing layered over the tight grooves laid down by Marcos de Fluri on Guitar, Joesph Cognac on Bass, Randy Shultz on Drums, and regular guest Eric Levy of Garaj Mahal on keys. BERNADETTE "San Francisco's "Sweetheart of Psychedelic Rock", Art-Rocker, "bernadette" layers sultry, intoxicating vocals over an impressive, all-star cast of players, acoustic freestyle extraordinaire, Garrin Benfield on guitar, Jordan Feinstein and Peter Canton of The Ritual and in-the-pocket drummer, Ms. Daria of London Street. "bernadette" is not new to music but is new to rockin' the stage and has impressively played at San Francisco's finest clubs including The Independent, Slim's, Cafe DuNord, Bottom of the Hill and 12 Galaxies as well as festivals around the bay. "bernadette's" truly collaborative spirit has brought special guests to the stage with her such as Brett Dennen and Spearhead's, Radioactive. She is one of the co-founders of WomenROCK and performs at benefit shows for various causes. "bernadette's" energy is effusive and inspirational as she takes the stage by storm! Also I'll be in Mendocino Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 Grange Hall 6:00 29 school street willits, ca I'll be playing a benefit show in Willits with my amazing band- the doors open at 2pm and we play at 6:00 so come out and support- jimi Jeff and the Gypsy band are the headliners for this event Friday, May 9th, 2008 Ukiah Brewing Company - http://www.ukiahbrewingco.com Kim Manning with Pamela Parker - 9pm 102 S state street Ukiah, ca 95482 Price: $7 Pamela Parker will open for the Kim Manning Band with special guest Jordan Feinstein of Ritual. Saturday, May 10th, 2008 Shanachi Pub 9pm 50 s main st willits, ca 95490 Price: $7 will be rocking our favorite spot- so come on out

TV Tube

Hey there all- I'm going to be shooting a TV Pilot called "Gumbo" tomorrow in Los Angeles at the M Bar in Hollywood. I would love to invite all of my LA folks to come out and be in the crowd- this is a taping so you will be a part of the show- and best yet- It is Free!!!!! Just show up no later than 4pm and tell them you are there to be in the TV shoot- we will end at 7:45pm. I play Kimmi a singer/pianist that's in a Karaoke band. My old friends Cody, and Guil and some new friends Padre and Josh are my bandmates- we will be accompanying Jefandi Cato for this episode- Check out my YouTube channel cause I've got a lot of new video's up- including a new video shot in Jamaica of "Ganja Street". http://www.youtube.com/user/kimberlymanning Easter has come and reminded me the importance of taking the good and the bad- to accept both the trouble's and triumphs as gifts from above- you never know where you are needed in life you just have to trust the universe and when your guides speak to you, and you feel that feeling in your gut to have enough strength to overcome fear and follow them ove and light Kim

tulsa to the vibes

I had a great time in Tulsa at the bar "Exit6c" with my good friends "Eye Candy Burlesque" and Josh Raymer of JFJO- then a couple moments with my mommy in Ponca City and then I flew off to Newark, NJ- Hung with Shari and saw Kent Meister who seems to be doing well. Next morning Shari saves me by giving me and umbrella and I make it to the city to take a train to Bridgeport, CT for the "Gathering of the Vibes' - as soon as I got off the train I run into a big yellow bus that has "Vibes bus #1" on it so I get my own personal ride to the show- Ran into Melvin Seals, and Wavy Gravy, and the Kimock's with John of "Post Junction" and got to see my new SF buds "Tea Leaf Green" for the first time and they were great- Well, now I'm in New Mexico and hanging with my old college buddy, Ryan Davis who is now a PHD- and his Fiance, Mary, who will soon be a PHD- we figured that I also have a FNKD from George- well- tonight a show- 2maro back home after 3 long weeks on the road- and then down to smell- a

dogstock and the midwest

Well, I want to try to start writing everyday online- will see how well I do at that- but anyhum- for now I had a great time in KS and MO- Jamfactory was more that too much fun- We had two fantastic sets at Dogstock So many incredible musicians to mention that played Soul Eye, My Tea Kind, Elephant Revival, Absent Sound, Moser woods, bill smith, Billy Iuso and the Restless Natives, allison Olassa, Euforquestra and I'm sure more from both the crowd and the bands at the festival. I also had a great time sitting in with - Papa Mali, Freekbass, My Tea Kind, Elephant Revival, Garaj Mahal, and the Willie Waldman Project had me play Keys with them- a first time for me- but we had such an amazing time. the PA blew up on Garaj during the set break so we did the last set of the festival through amps- I used my handy cord (xlr-to1/8 inch) so that I could sing through the amp- I love singing with these guys- I'm always so honoured- MTK and Elephant Revival and I got to continue on our tour together to St. Louis and we played at the city museum- on Friday night I ran another "Jam Factory" at the lucas Schoolhouse and opened for Steve Ewing of the Urge with Triple Jam at Shanenigans, I was lucky enouth to have Nick Savage and Teddy Brookins join me- as well as a day at the Grateful Inn- Special thanks to the Loyal Family for all their hospitality- 2maro I play in Tulsa at the "Blank Slate" and have the lovely ladies of "Eye candy Burlesque" and Josh Raymer of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey join me on the drums-

what's kim up to

June and this much of July have been pretty exciting- first it started with Harmony Fest in Santa Rosa- What a blast the Kim Manning set went great and I had a full background singers lineup as well as horns and hoola hoopers- thanks to Malcolm Stuart. Later that night I ran my first official "Jam Factory" at a festival- for those who have yet to experience it- it's an open improv jam forum where the band rotates and the audience gives the title of the song- I started this project at the "knitting Factory" in LA and am so glad to be bringing it to the festival scene- For Harmony Festivals I had special guests Eric Levy (Garaj Mahal) and Mike Stern as well as Green Lemon and my new drummer Randy Shultz- we totally killed and have been asked back as well as I've been able to book it at more festivals in the future- I also got to sing the Sunday morning gospel with Vernon Bush and we had a great -albeit early in the morning crusty eyes time. The day that Harmony ended I flew to Wisconsin for the Steel Bridge Songfest held by my great friend Pat Mcdonald- this is a week and a half long festival where 40 songwriters get together- spin the bottle and start writing songs and then immediatly recording them- I think in the 5 days of songwriting we must have written 60 songs all of which will be considered for the Steel Bridge Songfest cd- where all proceeds go to raise 12 million dollars to preserve one of the oldest standing drawbridges in america. I wrote a fun song with Burr Settles, and Tony and Charlie Cheny and a rap song, that I produced as well with some incredibly talented folks- Jane Wiedlin of the gogo's gave me a standing ovation for that song- wow what a honor just to be there around all that talent- You can get the cd from the first year at www.steelbridgesongfest.com - I'm on the track steel shines- this cd also features Jackson Brown. Next was my mendo tour with my new Nor Cal band- Randy Shultz on drums, Joeseph Cognac on bass, Marcos de flura on guitar and some background by Maceo Campbell and James Bixler- so fun, and funky- we are really gelling so come and check us out in Nor Cal- so cal will still get to see Kim and the J's. Finally, High Sierra- I swooped in at 11pm on the last night just in time for me to sing with Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra. I love this improv project- we all just follow Matt and I try to sing his expressions, I think my singing to George Clinton's expression give's me extra practice for this. I had the great opportunity to sing with my good Oklahoma buddy Reed Mathews from JFJO- Ironically the venue was the Tulsa Room since Reed and I used to both live and play in Tulsa Oklahoma. The Everyone Orchestra blessed me in playing my "Ganja Street" and friends of mine came popping in from everywhere when they heard the familiar sound of "la la la". Soon, I'll be back in the midwest so I hope to be extra hot and sweaty in Oklahoma and might see some of my oldest and dearest friends love and light kim

it's may

April was a great month as I made my official ascent up to Nor Cal- I had a great time in San Diego for the Seedless Clothing party and then jumped back up to SF to start working a some new music for a whole new project. Singing with the Smoke Daddies has been great fun- I’m so grateful for these new and incredibly talented musicians in my life. The show with Gabby La La was superfantastic- I just love her and am so inspired by her talent and creativity. For those of you that missed the incredible combination of two powerful gals- don’t worry too much, because we are hoping for much more in the future- I even got to meet her family- who was just as lovely as she is. There- will be another tour coming up in June- Harmony Fest of course- and some Mendocino shows and back to Weed for the Buddha Belly- so stay close to the website and as soon as I can I’ll place them up- also, look for my ad in Relix Magazine. The last couple months of my life have begun to really take shape- it seems that everything that I want comes to me in ways bigger than I had ever imagined. A naturalness to my personal and professional life that I have never experienced before- Maybe being an adult isn’t so bad after all- I just keep thinking about that movie – The Secret- and how it talks about how we attract what we think about- and how one positive thought is thousands of times stronger than a negative thought- So, when I get bummed about how life is not going- I just think about how I would be if life was going- and it seems that is what manifests. As most of you all know, I’ve been plagued by poison oak, Candida, and flu’s this season- to fix this I have been on a strict sugar free diet and taking supplements- sometimes I just get so mad and think to myself, “oh, why do I have to eat like this and take these vitamins all the time- I just wish I could be normal like everyone else”, but this thought only reinstates in my brain that I am in dis-ease- so now I catch myself and I say “Oh, I’m so glad that I am healing myself, and that through my taking care of myself I am being healthy and am grateful and proud that I can do that”- I know it sounds corny- but I really think it works- It has been for me- more positive thinking less complaining- “I am so glad that I can heal myself, I am so grateful to be able to make my art, perform for people all the time as a full time job, I am grateful for the loving relationships that have entered my life, and I’m grateful for the challenges to learn from.”

To my Fans

Between not paying bills, racking credit card debt, never-ending self-promotion and the constant traveling which grates on my health, I sometimes wonder why I do what I do. Why I with such reckless abandon follow this artistic path of Kim Manning. And, with out fail every time I feel like I just can’t push any more- I just can’t take one more rejection, I just can’t go any further something or someone or in this case someone’s come along and remind me that although I may not be a famous superstar just yet I still touch people lives and that’s why I do what I do- Vanity and Ego aside it’s about touching just a few people’s lives everyday that really matters. So, this is a little personal thank you note to all of you out there that have ever posted a comment on my my space or my website, and to those of you who send me encouraging e-mails, to those that never want to miss a “Kim Manning and the J’s Show”, and to those that come to the P-Funk shows with gifts, flowers, stones, herb, and pictures- and even to those that come up to me after the show and thank me- and you know what even to those that I may never meet but that appreciate what I do from a distance- THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU – I sing because I feel better and brighter and more filled with Love and Light when I do- and when I do it I hope that the crowd gets brighter and fills with their own Love and Light- and at the darkest of my times I get reminded again and again that this works- that the energy raises with me- it’s like a reflection game- I feel higher then you get higher which in turn makes me higher- jumping your energy higher yet again and so on so on. I remember noticing this phenomenon when I did my senior recital at the University of Tulsa- and I thought to myself, wow, everyone in the room’s spirit just began to shine brighter and that’s what I want to do- let me spirit shine with yours- so thank you thank you thank you

guitars and stars

Back on the road again- ah my home- I just joined P-Funk for the left Coast tour- so far so good- It’s just like being around family again- I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to make music with such talented folks every night- and to learn and listen- which really from this more humble place can I really shine. I had a fantastic time at the Daisy Rock Guitar Factory- I played several models of their electric guitars (a bit nerve racking for an acoustic player like myself), and finally decided on their wonderful dark star – here’s an image of it Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I’m sure you can feel my excitement- think of how the music will change- Recent collaborations with Jason Chang’s new group- “STW” has been going great- I’m so excited to have turn-tablist Chris on board- He fills in the gaps- Also now having my new neighbor “Carmen Doune” and “Andrea” on vocals is amazing- we’re about to be a big ass groovy band. Let’s see what else- what about life- Life is going well, I think I’m coming out of the funk (and I don’t mean the Funkadelic/goovy kind) that I’ve been fighting with the last year or so- sort of a must reevaluate what I’m doing and why I’m doing it- reinventing belief in myself- finding a deeper more lasting place for that to come from- as George pointed out there is a difference between knowing that you are good and believing that you are good. Excepting that music is a part of me and that this is just what I do- for better or worse- whether my father ever approves or not- for riches or poorness- fame or totally namelessness- this is who I am-and I might as well do it justice. I’ve been reading “The Four Agreements” recently- and I feel a little freed by “the dream” as he states- an excellent book that is so simple- it has to work

Costa Rica-Wally Ingram

the shows have been going great- Pam and I are having a fantastic time- we nearly busted out Shanachie Pub in Willits so tons of thanks to everyone who came out to support- I made a quick Jaunt down to LA to do some recording with George Clinton for Motown- boy- oh boy I think that we found the perfect song for me- but you'll have to stay tuned for more- While in LA- I got to attend a benefit concert for my friend Wally Ingram. Wally is an incredibly person and musician- He played the majority of the tracks on my album "The Love and Light Activation" - the reggea just wouldn't have been the same with out his talent and spirit- He is also a new father, him and his wife Lauri have a one year old child Lydia who is beautiful. Unfortunatly, Wally has been undergoing intense therapy for throat cancer for the last six months- and so some incredible people came together to his aid- A concert was done in his honour and such notables as Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Garbage, Jackson Brown, George Clinton, and many many others came to support and share thier talents for a man who has touched so many. I got the pleasure to both meet and sing with one of my idols Sheryl Crow- as well as give her my cd- she had such an incredible glow about her and was a geniunely nice person whose heart was truly in the music- and seeing George Clinton and Bonnie was a kick- they were like old school mates- all so tender with each other- you never know what kind of freindships bond in the business of music. The Allstar Jam at the end was incredible- when Sheryl Crow invited George on stage- Roncat Spearman and I got an entire chorus to start singing "Tear the Roof off" over Sheryl's "Everyday is a winding road"- with legends like Bonnie, and Jackson, as well as my good friends and future legends like Eric Mcfadden and Paula O'Rouke on stage we had a wooping time and it was all for Wally- Blessing to both him and his lovely family- they are just wonderful- Well, so I'm off to Costa Rica for a short vacation and then back to finish the norcal tour in Weed near mount Shasta- Love and Light kim

Northern Cali with Pam

Well, we had an incredible cd release party- thanks so much to everyone who came, Jason Chang, Oly Awesome, and Sam on drums along with special guest Dela from "Slightly Stoopid" on Sax and Pamela Parker and Maceo Campbell on Vocals we were a full on fantastic band. Also, special thanks to Jeremy Weinglass and Ayana of the Fya Dance Ensemble and Aradahna- Jam Factory was Jamming as usual with special guest Evan Postel, Scarlatta, and Sweetie from "Flavor of Love" aka Tikka Rain and others- and the crowd was amazing special thanks to James who flew down from SF for the show and Tuesday from "Outcast" and as always LeJuan- plus so many others including some Ponca citians we had some Oklahoma power in the house- thanks tons and tons- The Namm show went fantastic- Thanks so much to US Music Corp for the Passes and the job and thanks to EV for the party and Daisy Rock, Tone Tubby and Hemp Hop and JBL/Sound Marketing for the new solo tour PA that we are using. And of course no mention of the NAMM show would be complete with out my excitement expressed on the New Rhodes Piano- It's like a dream come true- Soon I'll have a 85lb piano versus the 180lb beast I travel with- I, along side greats like Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder just can't wait to show off the new beauty- and I had a great time with Gina Geeking out over our favorite instrument. Pam and I had a great time at Harbin, Marco Marcus is a great addition to our project on percussion and Maceo, Pamela, and I are getting some amazing harmonies yet- So come on and check us out- I'll be going to Costa Rico soon - that should be fun- and then going to Mount Shasta and back to LA- life on the road ah- Georgia's been living in my apartment in LA- I don't need to be paying that rent any more anyway- well that's about that for now and we'll see you soon Love and Light

the New Year

Okay so a new year a new me right- or is it just as any other day, I'm still up in the woods, soon I will emerge from my cacoon a beautiful butterfly- and yes- I'm still fighting poisin oak- i suppose it just goes with the territory- I'm getting used to it- like it's my friend or something- Well the emerald cup opening for New Mansoon was amazing- special thanks to Maceo Campbell on vocals and percussion and the newest member of the Kim Manning Band Marco Marcus who rocked the hand drums- also, the Harmony Fest Mad Hatters Ball was a blast- I am so honoured to play the official after show party after my freinds Gabby La La, Skerik, Paulo and the rest of Les Claypools fantastic band as well as the Coup and the New Orleans Social Club. Also, the amazing christmas show with the everyone orchestra- I made so many new freinds that night-For now I'm house sitting and watching a lovely dog, bubba, my new best freind while I write and write- so many new songs coming out- sad and happy but mostly positive, I'm planning a live recording album to be released soon of the shows at the Mint with the J's- it's already sounding nice but come out for the show on the 20th to be a part of it all- It looks like i'm officially leaving Smell A and Pamela Parker and I are moving on up to the San Francisco side- but no worries I'll still always be around- ton's of love and light

Oct shows, Cd Compilation, ITunes

Be Sure to check out the November issue of RELIX MAGAZINE as "TKO" was picked to be on their CD COMPILATION with greats as TENACIOUS D, LOS LOBOS, TEA LEAF GREEN, DJ LOGIC, PHIL LEASH and others. Also, did you know you can download Kim's Album "The Love and Light Activation" on I-Tunes- Yep just go to I-Tunes and type in my name- exciting huh- Kim and Jason Chang had a good ole time back in the midwest this September. We very much missed Jay Sikora our drummer (he was in Europe for a wedding) but had a smashing show at Shwagstock opening for the Shwag and Particle with non-other than P-Funks, Frankie "Kash" Waddy. The Okie dates included Jason learning how to tell a cow from a horse and great shows with an ensemble of players including Katrina Lofgren- Vocals and Raps, Steve Fields, Blue- the amazing stick swirling drum beast-, Jeff Grey on Trumpet, and Chris Foster. After the P-Funk Tour ended I went up to Northern California for a couple of shows with Pamela Parker including an appearance at the Purple Palace of Yoga and some much needed rest and transition in the woods- which actually ended up looking like poisin oak covering 30% of my body- Oh well, So back to the safety net of city life in Los Angeles for a holloween bash at the Derby tonight with Peace Warrior, Pamela Parker, Arahdana Silvermoon, Jeremy Weinglass, the Fia Dance Ensemble and both Jason and Jay and a new drummer Ceasor- Then to San Francisco on Saturday to perform at the Exotic Erotic ball with George Clinton, Lady Kier, Eric Mcfadden, Roncat Spearman, James Whiton, and Kevin Carnes- my TV boyfriend Flavor Flave will be the MC so I'm coming with clock in hand- Then Harbin Hot Springs and more woods time- this time hopefully sans the poison oak- oh yes no more oak-

Bernie loves his girl

Talk about a show- wow- this past Monday, Michelle at the Wildflower Cafe in Bethlehem PA hosted a show for me and it was incredible. So, first off the totally hot PA band Post Junction backed me up and they were great- they opened with a few songs and it was amazing- Camille- their singer is so good and the same for John Fadem on guitars, and Patrick Fritz on Bass, and of course I am so glad to have the opportunity to play with John Kimock again on the drums- the coolest 17 year old on the planet- hands down, and one of the best drummers out there. Secondly, to have my very best friend Pamela Parker holding down the solo set with her soaring voice and groovy guitar, and Craig Greenberg ripping it solo as well, was a romp that set the stage for the night of historical music. BUT, with all of this goodness, can you believe it got better when none other than, BERNIE WORELL, yes him in the flesh, came out to support me and the wildflower- I was so nervous my hands were shaking on the keys of the lovely Fender Rhodes, but with Post Junction behind me we rocked that place, and then Bernie came up and played with us- wow- we did a version of "Never Gonna Tell It" that was holy- like a healing session for your girl Kim, Pam and Camille on the background vocals was heaven, John, John, and Patrick were thumping, and Bernie was the lazor beam that took the roof off the place, and off my heart as well. Thanks so much everyone for coming out and playing with us, I can't wait for it to happen again- and if your in PA check out the Wildflower and Post Junction, both will leave you full of greatness.

Maceo's Benefit

Wow- what a fantastic show- we raised nearly $800.00 for Maceo’s recovery aid for his prostate cancer treatment- so thank you everyone so much for coming out and supporting- Thanks to the performers, Peace Warrior, Norwood Fisher, Eric Mcfadden, Jeremy Weinglass, Pamela Parker (Roots a’ Risin’), Aradhana Silvermoon, The Fiya Dancers, Blue with the lights show, Jonas and Bob of “Skeletones” for playing horn, Sunev of “Protection”, and of course my very own J’s (Jason Chang and Jay Sikora) for making the entertainment so incredible, and thanks to Shari, and Jason, and Jacklynn and Chris with Can of Jams for helping. And to you who made it out for this special night- LeJuan and my TU folks and the new friend Leah for getting the dancing going- it took us all to have such an incredible celebration. Thanks to Eric and Wood for sitting in- I think that “Kim Manning and the J’s” my trio played at the very best at the Derby for Maceo, might have had something to do with my gold pants or my broken heart- but either way it was all just so amazing fun and perfect- East Coasters and Midwesterners catch the P-Funk shows and few more when I bring Jason Chang out for my upcoming September tour kicking off at the uber-cool Schwagstock- I can’t wait- If anyone would like to donate money to Maceo- please send checks to Maceo Campbell 1772 Piner Rd #129 santa rosa CA 95403 in notes put- prostate cancer fund Love and Light

Coming out of the Dark

it's diferrent this time- now, i feel as if I can see- and trust my intuition, i feel closure- i feel that we tried, and failed but really tried, and with that i feel confirmed that oil and water don't mix- no matter how long and hard you shake it- and that I can be so much stronger now- that i have been relieved from some decriped fairy tale- looking pretty but rotten on the inside- and stealing me from me- but now I see hope- and future and the now is not filled with the fear and doubt that abound in a web of lies- I feel I have my sanity and that I can move forward with focus- love in my now even bigger heart- and a few lessons that we were there to teach each other- maybe now, for the first time, I really understand what it means to love yourself

the heart

whose the coward that yells at men, but can't tell the truth to a woman is he the devil but i thought the devil was dead i think i now know what it feels like to have my heart cut open slowly with an incesion made with the presicion of absolute insanity the doctor of dissecting the heart- not ripping but with craft and care wounding my heart opening it exposing it to seep in your pain as it painstakingly drops out my blood, my life force- who are you magician to play so well behind my back- child who cant face his true self- who are you runner running so fast from yourself- don't your legs get weary- aren't you tired of juggling- who are you- you have certainly created a fantasy around yourself- a lovely fantasy that you've convinced everyone to believe as well, but in truth , in the core of your soul, you know that this tower will crumble because the true you- lies somewhere that you have yet to explore- not in the lies you have yet to export- your web of lies are so out of control- what would you do with out your lovely web to maintain the image that you have become- and who am i to deny myself what i knew was truth- who am I to not stand and demand that which I need, and to not cower down to the beast as it, with fury, lies - who am i to lie to myself- to love something so much that i let myself lie to myself- who am i-to not demand truth- and truth- truth don't need no proof, and love don't need no alibi- ah- the glass house has shattered - crumbled around - cut from the shards of glass- but free to run from the spot we were once contained by the beauty of a picture-

Relix and Hightimes

Hey everyone- go out and check out my profiles for August Relix, and Sept HIghtimes- you can see the Relix issue at http://www.relix.com/ontheverge

Tunisia and the end of a tour

well, we had such a ball in Africa, Tunisia, I must have been proposed to like 30 times- funny huh- i wonder what they would have said had i took them up on the offer- any way, i got to make a stop off in Rome and go and see Mr Eric Mcfadden playing with Eric Burdon and the Animals- it was a swinging show- out in a park somewhere- we had so much fun- now, I'm Nice France for the Jazz fest my Aussie friends the John Butler Trio are opening up for the funk so that should be a blast to reconnect- well see you all soon when i return

i love paris in the summer

boy, had a fantastic time in paris- it amazes me how the french that i took in highschool almost comes back- un pue de francaise- the show was great steel pulse was very inspiring- so heartfelt- like a heartbeat- meet some folks at the sacred heart church- in montmare and even did a performance with a friends guitar for a couple hundred folks- they loved the american protest song- Jason Drennan of the "Children of Production" did a lovely rap on a new song that i did with Charlie Nanos and some folks in Portland Oregan at AudioCinema- it sounds so great got to love the mbox and macintosh computer- thanks mom- special light to drew and sam and the cockney absente bar- mercy becoupe it's been way too long since I stayed at a bar until 7am drinking anything, much less Absenth, and talking, and eating Escargot, I know, I'm a veggie, but there only bugs- anyway got to jump on the plane to fly to England- one of my all time fav places

myspace sucks

Hi, all, so yes someone has deleted my myspace account- if you have an account with myspace I reccommend that you carefully re-read the terms so you know what you are getting into- so I've started a couple new myspace site's-- 1. http://www.myspace.com/kimmanningandthe js 2. http://www.myspace.com/kimmanningakapeaches oddly enough some guy calling him/herself Phillip has taken my old myspace url- I've flagged him many times and myspace ignores my communication- figure's since it is FOX- so enough of the poopy stuff- been having a great time on tour with P-Funk- Europe is great- There was nothing to eat in Scandanavia for the Vegetarian, but I figure it's cold there so they need the extra meat- Roskilde was amazing, and the guys where hot in Belgium as I recalled from last time, Rotterdam was, well the Netherlands-can't go wrong in such a liberal thinking society, but the best show by far was last night in Barcelona- the folks were so beautiful inside and out and very funky- I translated some of "I'm Never Gonna Tell It" for them in Spanish, I'm sure that they appreciated it- I love Spain- and speaking of which I need to head out and spend my first day off in awhile to do the old laundy- love and light Kim Manning PS- I'm going to be doing a Benefit show for Maceo Campbell and his Prostate cancer at the Derby on August 25th so mark your calander for the good cause

Kim and J's had a fantastic tour

Wow, what a great tour- Kim's new Band- "the J's" featuring Jason Chang- Keys, Raps and Jay Sikora- Drums, Vocals Funked it up in northern California this June. Appearing at the "Harmony Festival" was amazing- we played the Goddess Stage between my friends Cake and Zero, and made the crowd dance in a way I've never seen hippies dance before. I also was asked to sing with the Everyone Orchestra again by leader/team coach Matt Butler- and then "Kim and the J's" Were asked to fill-in a spot at the Redwood Stage where we had the Special Guests John Morgan and James- so we where really "Kim and the J's". We were also lucky to have Michael Litwin from Sol Horizon come up and write a song with us. Next we went to Harbn Hot Springs where the Unstoppable Eric Mcfadden joined us on guitar, and then off the Purple Palace of Yoga, where, Mateo, age 5, said that he had the best day of his life. Finally- Jason, Jay, and myself drove our beloved van, Ginny, to Reno where we played Abby's Bar. Special thanks to Maceo Campbell, Steve and Hope of the Yogadelic Republic, Sean, Bo, and Eric of Harmony Fest, and Ilka Dinkleman and Donny.

Kim in the Magazine's

go out and buy Kim's face in the Magazines- Look in the Back of June and July's Relix Magazine for announcement of Kim's Release of "The Love and Light Activation" and in August look for Kim as Artist on the Verge in Relix Magazine. Also, Kim will appear in Hightime's Magazine in August, and September- Oh Yah

New Website

Howdy, well as you can see, I've put up a new website- yeah- so Keep updated to what's going on and have a look around- also, check out my myspace page at www.mypsace.com/kimmanning. And, don't forget to sign in to the new e-mail address. Okay, well enjoy- Special thanks to Artie. B. hopefully we'll see some design idea's from him soon.

Kim on tour in Europe

Kim will be on tour in Europe for the Month of July with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars- If you know anyone in the country/city she's playing have them e-mail Kim@kimmanning.com and she'll put them on the list in exchange for handing out flyers