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I would like to know if you will be there with P-funk on 7/18 in AMsterdam?
Hello. And Bye.
Good day Kim I say the excellent concert in Osaka. I hope you found it easier to find vegetarian food there than I did. duncan
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Kim: I attended your concert last night in Ventura and when people ask me how it was all I can state is, "One performer had a chicken on stage and it was so disturbing I couldn't appreciate the music." Please be mindful that animals have more sensitive hearing and it is LOUD in every concert. The distress displayed by the chicken was more than we could handle. In light of the vast majority of animal friendly people/fans please discontinue the chicken inclusion as it adds absolutely nothing to the show and only removes one’s ability to enjoy what performance you are bringing. Your one big break may be sent down the river by an animal rights music industry executive.
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Saw you perform with George Clinton and P-Funk in Pennsylvania on 2/18/2012 - what a show. I'm hooked! Hope to see you soon.
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Hi Kim, Long time no see! You probably don't remember me but I use to live in Ponca City and your mom and I became good friends. I moved back to Tennessee and came out to vist you a couple of times while you were still young. I am very impressed with your music. You have a unique sound and you have grown into a beautiful young lady. Maybe some day when I get to California again, I will look you up. Tell your mom Hi for me when you talk to her! Hugs and Kisses and much success! Gail (Forman) Southard
hi kim, great show in Melbourne this week with GC and p-funk. Had such a fun night. bought your CD, think i got the last copy, and I really like it. you are a great talent. Hope you had fun in Australia, Byron must have been a blast for you. take care, Simon
No coincidences, a little ironic and much needed!! Meet you in Coloma last night - that's for the quick chat, advice & c.d.!! ~Veronica~
Saw you in PA on Saturday night and was completely blown away. Sitting in the front row...fazed, dazed, hazed, and completely funked up. Had me mesmerized...thank you
I was lucky enough to take in the show you guys did at the Cubby Bear in Chicago last Friday night and I just have to ask...how in the world did you develop the interest in becoming one of the Funkadelics? Of all the people on that dinky, little stage you would have been one of the last people I would have expected to see up there. 6'8" white guys with a shaved head don't exactly blend at a George Clinton concert either, so don't feel bad. But what a pleasant surprise! That was as fun a concert as I've ever been too. You guys looked like you were having an absolute blast. Good for you! Hurry back to the Midwest. Oh yeah...one other thing. There is something brand new out there...it's called a sandwich. Do you ever eat!!!!! Good lord! I must have been that size back in the 8th grade. Good luck to you and travel safe. Nice talking with you this morning.
U rocked Cleveland last night!
I saw you On George Clintonconcert in Hengelo, Holland and WOW!!!!! how you sang not just knee deep!!!! Keep funkin' and see you next time in Holland!
Love Ya Kimmy!
so very beautiful,and so very nice to have met you.Trying to make the burn again this year,probably be at inner mind camp and will so look you up. Hugs,Bob
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I kim! Looking forward to seeing you at the african festival of the arts in Chicago on Sept. 7.2009. Love always, Charlotte Aldrich!
Caught the show in Dublin, Wow yet again you and the band blew me away. Keep on funking.
My home is not a place, it is people. :/
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You ROCK! See you at Tsunami soon!
It's funny goodluck
I enjoyed your performance at Steelbridge this year. And how about that James McMurtry? A little on the strange and quiet side but a great talent. Thanks for doing the Steelbridge Songfest - you make it much better every year!
Nice to see you shinin like a star. You blew my mind when we first met, if only i could say yes to destiny when i see her, haha. I love it, i love you. Keep rockin baby, an take it easy on them guys huh, haha. You'll always be my best friend's girlfriend, haha. peace love , chris
Very nice collection of information on that question. Thanks to the author. I have been looking for such an article since January! Thank you again!
It nice to meet you the other day when we gave you a ride in Indy. I love your cd " Myself" is the shit!!! If ever this way again hit us up maybe we can share again :-) Peace my friend- Courtney
I saw you sing yesterday night, in Santiago Chile, and you was amazing, you are so beautiful.... We love you. Come back again, but alone ;-) kisses 27 may 2009
some funk in Buenos Aires www.myspace.com/funknaciente
Saw you at the LC in columbus on the 12th. Great small show. My fav pfunk yet. Thanks!
Kim, Hey love your music! Good Job! Don't know if you remember me or not, I actually grew up across the street from your sister in Broken Arrow. Who knew you would become so big that is awesome congrats!! I still remember that yellow bug you used to drive around with the band-aid on it. LOL...
Hey Kim, ... saw you in Houston... you bring a fresh & enamoring angle to the P-Funk show. Your album is on my short list. I don't know how George feels about it~ but you should squeeze some choppy violin chunks into the show. I anticipate seeing you in the entertainment spotlight more often... you "red hot mama" from Oklahoma. :-)
The misses and I are so glad that I chose to purchase VIP tickets to the George Clinton and the P-Funk All Star show in Kansas City, that words can not describe. I knew that you have been an special part of the show for years and this was only a page in the book of P-Funk. Keep turning the pages and get George to bring the show back to St.Louis, we need the Funk to raise the city from the dead.
Hi, You really brightened up a gloomy, cold day in Indy! Really enjoyed the FUNK! And you've got a new fan! :)
"somewhere in the tupperware" its brilliant. i cant get that song out of my head. thanx for giving me and my friend tyler ur cd. cant wait to see u guys again, peace
Hey!Ms.Kim,me and my husband and i was sooo glad you and the P-Funk, GEORGE of course came to Tulsa. You guys always put on a GREAT! Show. Can't wait for you to come back. You told me you was coming back end of next month.Will be business or pleasure? anyways, be careful and stay safe.Maybe,next time my hubby can make you some frybread and meat pies.
Last nights show in T-town was fantastic! I really enjoyed the music and the enthusiasm of the bands. I was so impressed by you kim, I must confess. You and Lantz and the others opened the show in a great way! I love to see a fellow okie doing so well! I think you are so talented Kim and very pretty and sexy too. Your singing and playing was truly a great pleasure to me and the highlight of my night. Thanks for taking time after the show to visit with me and sign your cd/dvd, (the one that I tore the plastic off of, my bad, but I will fix it with some clear tape, as you suggested.)The whole show was great and very Funky! I'm also glad to know that your mom came over to town to see you and brought you flowers from her garden. How cool is that! I love your web site and was up until 3 a.m. checking it out. Enjoy the rest of your tour and keep it real and funky, as I know you will. I hope you and Lantz and your band will return to Tulsa soon. I'll look forward to that. Take care. peace, love and light! your friend, philip
hey, kim! just got home from seeing you at the house of blues in houston. wow. i don't know how you manage to get more beautiful and sing more passionately year after year, but you sure do. you shine, kim. you are absolutely vibrant. thanks for doing what you do! -chip schneider
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hi kim . i really like your work.i'm trying to get in touch with marcos de fluri your guitar player. i'm from his hometown of hazleton and have been trying to get in touch with he and his brother for many years. could you please forward this message and email addy to him ?! i would greatly appreciate it. i hope to see you live someday . THANK YOU and keep on rockin !! jerry spaide eadg80@HOTMAIL.COM 570-954 1036
;)) ]]] Hi! Very good site! http://forum.ispsystem.com/en/member.php?u=3782 ;)) ;-0
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Thank you for the resources. Keep up the good work!. I am from Guyana and also am speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "For a free standing patio the cover will have to be fitted on all four sides, depending on shape." Thank :p Fairfax.
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Just wanted to check out the website and tell you to keep doing what makes YOU happy! I remember watching you sing in college, and I also remember telling you how talented you are and that you would be my famous friend someday.....hmmmmmmm, I guess you can call me Sylvia Browne, you are well on your way! I love you and am so proud of you! Let's keep in touch, don't every quit smiling, you truly do light up a room, and that laugh is contagious! I love you, don't forget us little people!!! HAHAHA!!! God bless, Nikki
Hi everyone, We have just posted a video clip of our James Bond themed fireworks display which maybe of interested should anyone be requiring to book a firework display.
From Lantz's Mom Dear Kim, Can you give me any ideas to wish Lantz a happy birthday at Bar 24 Tahoe on Feb 12 (his real BDAY!) during your performance together! I don't want to be a goof ball MOM. Hope you get this message in time and I am looking so forward to meeting you. Wendy
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I was the smiley bald head in the crowd in northern kentucky, and want to thank you for a helluva show your performance was smile inspiring.
I want to play music with you, and watch you dance. You make my soul melt.
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Welcome to the next level.Hope i can get you to perform in my next movie.
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KEEP HUMBOLDT FUNKIN ON!!! much love and respect for the music you make
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Hi there! Saw you in Amsterdam with George Clinton & the P. Funk all stars September!! You are the BEST!! Even got on a picture, together with you!Only that lousy (influence i guess) friend of mine, didn´t took the picture well enough... Still kickin´his ass for that once in a while..;-) Love you a LOT! Go on and keep on free your mind!
nice site. thx
Saw you at the great show in Oslo, sept 1. I was fortunate enough to stand right in front of you throughout the show, and I have to say you look more beautiful in real life than in any of the pictures - and you're gorgeous in the pictures :-) I also bought your CD at the show. Great CD! I sure hope you'll get further, I'd love to hear your music live some day. Thank you for a great album and the smiles through the show in Oslo!
hey sweetie. it was nice to meet you in santa barbara. thx for showing me around. glad you liked the candid pic of you, logic and bernie enough to post it :) talk more next time - sara
hi i am living sweden-göteborg i am student www.chalmers.com iletisim71@yahoo.se my home your home
It's funny goodluck
yes it'is
"Ride on red hot mama, you sure look good to me!" Your graceful 'n' sexy rollerscating act was as stunning as ever...So cool I ran into you after the show...never thought I'd get the chance to give you a hug! :-)
Offcourse I did see George C last nite at the 013 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. But my eyes kept on pulling my head to the rightside of the stage. Man oh man, what a gall!
saw you at Paradiso in Amsterdam (first gig) and couldm't help completely forgetting Dr. Funkenstein and the rest beautiful website & picture love and kisses, Alec
hey, saw you with george c at electric picnic, ireland the other day! you've an amazing voice, i think i bumped into you at the rave in the forest after...was pretty drunk but the person said it was you and kissed me on the cheek so happy days for me! certainly one for the bank
hello im french!!I saw you in Paris in the bataclan the 27 august and I find that you has a very beautiful voice and that you is very beautiful! I was just in front of the stage in black! I wish you a good continuation and the pleasure to see again yourself on stage
You were truly the hottest thing on stage yesterday in Belgium... We love you, Kim! See you on stage September 3rd in Tilburg. www.myspace.com/theglamourboy
Hello Bye
love for you guys to do a concert in gary, in, love always, charlotte
I like This site! Thanks!
Great music, I'm gonna buy your cd :-) Are you gonna be with George Clinton on the Europe Tour? Hope to see you with him in Oslo, Norway sept. 1
WOW i was amazed on how sick that show was @ lupos in Prov, RI. i dunno how it is at all your shows but it wassss offf the hookkk with funkynesssssss. I missed out on BOOstie thoughhh i wanteddd to see him jam but your bassist wasss hidden with a 6 stringger in tha backk, hes wasss nastyyyyyyyy btw! I was the jammed up white kid wearin the white MArc Jacobss w/ the red and white A-town Hawks hat lol i looked like lil john's caucaisan counter part!!!!! I bought a sticker of yourss at the end of the showww and just wantttted to say whats up and complement u and the great perfomance and u lookkkkeddd amazinggg as wellll!!!! Hope to see you arounddd Dan, from RI
hey is me again im the girl from Betinas ranch , you meet me at Kellis work . Well i just wanna tell you that my friend and i liked the song call Ganja Street shot in Jamaica . Good luck with everything .
saw you preform with parliament funkadelic in ohio. drove 10 hours from massachusetts for the camping weekend. it was amazing and your preformance totally made it all worth it. at the end of the show you passed out stickers from which i got this web addresss. at one point you ran out of stickers and seemed truly sorry about that. =) take care! will be seeing you in new hampshire on thursday(2 days away) and am so excited!
I saw you perform at Nelson's Ledges in Ohio on July 5th. You guys were GREAT and you really stood out. Is your trio touring in Ohio?
Hi, I just wanted to say again how much I like the songs and performance. I heard you for the first time at the Mateel earlier this year. keep it up, forget the Corps. (corporate music industry) continue on in your own way. I hope I can market a song to you guy's someday, not that you need any help in that area, but as a songwriter I'm always hoping to hear one of my tunes done with a truly beautiful voice. which I don't have. Ok, thats all. thanks again, the family loves the CD..blessings to ya all..
I love your services and products, many thanks!
Hello Kim, I have seen you and the rest of the Pfunk Allstars and George over the last 2 couple of years. I'm looking foward to seeing you all at Copper Mtn on April 12th. If by chance I could help or meet you all at that time it would mean some much to me. But most of all I look foward to seeing and hear the great music again. If you can, please email me and please let me know what I can do to help you back stage or before and after the concert at Copper Mtn. Thank you and hope to hear from you. Your Devoted Fan, Keith G. Long
sending good vibes and mad love your way! have a great spring. xoox
does kim know misty ball??
I love you, STELLA WIDE!!! www.tiatanaka77.bravehost.com
Hi Friends, i am new here and i am from Canada. i love cricket and i am a big fan. Nice to meet you all guys and hoping to learn more from this forum. Cheers
hey i just wanted to say hi and that you are really beautiful. Iwont forgive u ...
Your show at the Belly Up on Valentines day was the best show I've ever seen, and thanks for playing for 3 and a half hour, without stopping. When one of the head P-funk all stars came out and said, can we say Amen? That was what I said. I guess it is true, that it is ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE, just for the funk of it. Amen. Gerry Kantor, Leucadia Surf School
Kim, Enjoyed the show Wed. Nite in Phoenix. I have never been so FUNKIFIED.
Not much on my mind. Basically not much exciting going on today. Eh.Look with me on this.
Hi Kim, I met you and got your autograph at the pfunk show in Tempe last night. What a great time and killer show! I had so much fun. I think you just might be one of the sirens that Homer wrote about in The Odyssey. Best of luck to you and warm wishes for your continued success. Peace and Love, Bruce
Spread The LOVE!
Hi Kim, I sent you an email from my college email address but also wanted to sign your guestbook. You go girl, Elfie
Two blondes were going to Disneyland when they came to a fork in the road. The sign read: "Disneyland Left." So they went home.
Hello Kim, I'm not sure how often an artist such as yourself checks and responds to their guestbook, but I met you at concert several years ago and I thought it was about time that I found out how you and your career are you doing. I saw you on stage at a GC show in OH when I was a teenager and after it you signed a Reveal Designs calendar for me advising, "Keep Funkin That Guitar". Kim I love that calendar, its still pinned on that month of April. It looks like your doing well on your site so congratualations on your accomplishments. Take care and god bless you.
hi first i want to say taht my english isnt too good so im sorry jejejeje i just want to say that i ammm i... i dont know i just like you (Y) well thats all jajaja thanks for read my comment BYE!!!! take care!!!
if you ever visit amsterdam , NL please meet me and you can stay here. grtsz , jan
Zdraste ia vasha tetiao mesie' Good loom
hey Kim, i hope your doing great.
îâåîåí êåíîåí îåíîêåí îîåíîêåí îåíóîí
hay!! good project :) senks :)
enjoyed reading about you and watchin you on Flavor of Love. hugs Kim
hey kim, just passin through, busy these days, workin and singin like crazy, had a show at Room 5 last night which went great! hope you're doin really well and that you come to LA soon! it would be great to see you! one love, carmen
Was just listening to songs off of Pat mAc's disc from the SB3 recordings. WOW.. you people created some of the most beautiful music! Launch Cafe is still rocking, thanks to Pat, Anna, and Adam. Hope you make it back, Kim!
Beautiful Kim, Love & Light in our lives. Fire & Flow fill our hearts. A song bird sang me a song, her kisses on the breeze miss your voice. Blessings Alykat Flow
I love you
Hell of a show in Milwaukee last Wednesday! Blew my mind! Kim, you are beautiful!!!
Hey Kim I just saw you again at your show in Cleveland and I had to find you on the web. You're beautiful and I'll never forget your face. Now I will check out your music.
Kim, I hope you come to Dayton one day and do one of your solo shows. I would love to see you play live. Peace.
Hey Kim! just watching you on Flava flav show. i couldnt believe that it was you. looks like your doing great! hope all is well.and i promise one day - i will come to your show! ENJOY!
HEllo I was so glad to hear your sound in belleville at shennanigans hope to see you soon at schwag!
Thanks for a funky time last night at the Grateful Inn. See you tonight at the Lucas School House. I will be there after Robert Randolph & the Family Band FREE show at Live on the Levee in St. Louis. Oh yeah, KDHX 88.1 FM is the best radio station in the country!!!
Nice show last night, big thanks to KDHX for getting the word out about JAM Factory and individual shows you do. We were at the Grateful Inn last night and had a good time. Thanks for a good show!
Hello, I completely agree with the previous comment. Your interview was great and your energy is amazing. The way that you run your shows is the most creative thing i have heard, in the music industry, for a long time. It takes a real confident and optimistic person to do so. Cant wait to see you here in St. Louis, i have a lot of friends who play instruments...who knows maybe you will play with them. Keep rocking, Peace and love
I really enjoyed listening to your interview with Drea on kdhx 88.1 fm in St. Louis. Looking forward to seeing you @ the Grateful Inn on Thur., for Jerry Garcia Week and @ the Lucas School House on Fri.
I will see your happy face in Tulsa at Blank Slate/Exit 6c.
Will you be joining George Clinton on August 17th in Las Vegas? Travis
Hey girl remember me we went all through school together.Glad to see that your talents you have always possed carried you far keep up the good work!
hello beautiful woman! it has been such a long time... was thinking of you and wanted to send you some love and light. Loving your music. big spirit, sinem (from Australia)
Kim- Just wanted to say hi! You've made us all proud. When are you gonna be back on the East coast? Looking foward to seeing you in Baltimore one of these days!
Hey girlie! Just hanging out in Oklahoma to show my English husband an all american 4th of July! We might be in LA in October! I miss you!
Do u remember me?"Ripping Fingers"@Schwagstock...We merged for a moememt, your song hit it hard... It'd be nice to get ur cd!
Hey kim your a great singer i love the soul in your voice!!! I will never forget the concert when you sing with george clinton in ulm 2006!!!! AMAZING!!! please give me an answer
It was great to see you in sturgeon bay. I loved seeing you at the launch cafe on friday. Hope to hear you next year!
hmmm...always looking good. Your essense is natural and wonderful- your voice hypnotic.
Kim, I really like your music. You have a whole lot of soul. I appreciate it. I added you to my list for MySpace. I hope to hear from you on there soon. Keep it up. Peace.
I love the FUNK Kim and you are great. I'm a PFunk fan for over 30 years and I never miss a TX show whenever it's within a few hundres miles to Houston. That's me I've gotta be front stage. Missed you in Houston on April 21. I hope you are well. You must tell me what it's like to actually be a part of the PFunk mob.
Hey Kim, I am a afro american brotha (without an afro) who resides in oakland. I am in the process of learning how to play the cello. So Would you like it if I played the cello for you? Andre
I think you're great. I saw you and ther rest of the gang in San Antonio Tx a year or 2 ago and am thrilled to death that you will be in Austin on Fri.....you're so awsome and purely Funky. Just bought my ticket and going to make that drive on Fri (had to quickly ask off from work as well) Hope to see you as close as i saw you in SA (couldn't believe you walked right in front of me w/ a clipbaord or something before the show--if i knew it was you i would have definately spoke to you) Bring the Funk , James
Hi kim, I received your text msgs but I don't know how to use my phone to text you back. I'm going to come see you at your show in Penngrove on saturday. Call me at 707 964-5430. Luv ya Antoinette
I was up front, last time y'all (G, P-Funk, you, and, the girls) were here, in Tulsa. Yeah, the energy was fantastic, and, it was easy to see that you were into it as much as we were, too! Hopefully, with the additional TV exposure you've had lately, more success, and, happiness will be unto you, Miss Manning
Hi kim, looking and sounding great as usual, i hear George and the boys are coming to Dublin and im hoping to travel down the road from Belfast to see them again I dont think you played with the band last time they came to Ireland although i did see you perform in Manchester last year. I hope that you are working with the p-funk alstars in july and if so i hope to see you get your groove on in Dublin.
Kim keep on doing what you do! Take care!
Met you at the Emerald Cup at Area 101. I wish you would stop in Arcata sometime:)
SUPER SUPER.....Un vrai plaisirs pour les yeux en general.Mais surtout les DOLLS..Merci beaucoup xxx
Super sympa ce site et interessant! Bravo!
All greetings!
You look great!!!!!
Hi Kim! I really like TKO, you have a great gift, what a voice and such great phrasing :-) I really liked the P-Funk show last night and thought your singing was fantastic. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your career, you're destined for greatness, love to hear you sing some Billie Holiday covers with a little updating funky style !!! Alan
I was so glad to see you in Portland. I wished I could have stayed later. You're so much fun to watch. I had a blast and a great day at work too. Now I'm your email list (I think) so I'll be more in the loop. Peace, Charlie
caught the p-funk show tonite (Vancouver) -----> you have a wonderful smile and fantastic stage presence. yeah!!
I just saw a video of you ~I think from a HOUSE of BLUES show , anyway you was rolling around on a small stage w/ ROLLER SKATES on. I think you stage PRESENCE is swell and I love YOUR voice as do others . Not that you don't all ready know BUT GIRL YOU F***IN ROCK. I can't wait to see you and KENDRA along w/ all of P-FUNK make chills go up my spine . LETS GET FUNKDAFIED. PEACE , Coldpopcarl
Hi Kim, You have a beautiful voice! Deb Brown Michigan
Excellent job, man. Bookmark! I'm Peter, new here! With best regards...
hi kim! discovered you on this youtube clip of you singing w/ eric burdon & the animals on "spill the wine" http://xnerg.blogspot.com/2006/12/sunday-night-music-club_17.html
Hi there how have you been Erik
I only wanna say hi From lima-Peru, my dear peaches haha yo look so Good!
Hello my kimmy! Was on the internet and came across your site. You look and sound amazing and I am so proud to see your love and light shining always. Lots of love and hugs! Next show you do in England, let me know. Your old roomie, k like the letter
Fine site!
Was at your show last night at the MINT, a friend from SF passed your email on to me, I just move to LA from SF- I LOVED the show, you and your band put on an amazing performance. I so enjoyed it. Keep up the great work, I'd love to see you again in LA. Elaine
Hi Kimmy, Everything looks amazing!! I'm so proud of my little TU graduate! You've gotta get your butt up to Maine sometime to rock Portland. Love ya, Alix
I look forward to seeing you perform soon. Nice site. Blessings
thanks for showin the world your beauty
Hi You. You've been on my mind latley. Hope all is well with you. Perhaps you remember me, I was enchanted by you when we met at harbin arround nov. 1 at one of your wonderfull musical performances there, and the following day at one of you'r "play workshops"(which was great). I was hoping to contact you, in order that I might be able to make up some sort of proposal that I could present to my manager expressing how it might work if you were able to come up here and do a show at the "Sierra Hot Springs health Retreat". Hope this message finds its way to you and that all is well. Blessings to you of laughter kindness and abundance. Sincerely, Matthew Aaron Suthetherlin
Simba! nice to see you singing. I really do like your music, can't decide whether it's b/c I'm a Gwen fan or your voice is just so familar. Guess I'll have to pick up your album and support the cause.
looking forward to seeing you at area 101 anxious to learn more about you goddess. i have no email address but write me at www.area101.com. peace & love rockstar ray
Hey Kim! It's been a long time since we chatted. Did run into your mom here not to long back and she gave me a post card of you and how to look you up! I remember elementary...in Christmas play you was G.T. and we all knew then you would be singing in life...and you made up there girl! Good for you and keep it up! Take care!
Its Petey B from Sum Poosie !!! Just vibe-in Ya !!!!
Hey Kim! I stumbled across your website today. Had a great time at the reunion; you, me, & Travis jamming! Good times!!! Take care of yourself
Hey kim! I hope you will be back in germany really soon!!! Teh show in ulm was very hot!!! massive respect to you your fan tobi
can't wait to see you in Australia - look forward to some sideshows from the BDO!
Hey, how are you???
I was at the show in Jacksonville,Fla. I talked to you after the show and you told me about your website,so I came to view it. Very nice! Take care and I hope to see you performing soon.
A friend of my introduced me to parliament/funkadelic, he said it would do good for me as a muscician and all listning to funk instead of all the progressive rock and stuff and i liked it from the start, kind of getting addicted to it actually, so we went to the funkadelic gig in Nighttown rotterdam, and there was you and the children of p. and man(girl)... it was awesome!!! I really enjoyed the music you guys make, it's so alive and vibrant and kick-ass so im getting my band back together and make some funkynoises again, you guys are a great inspiration for me now, tanx a gazillion. And you got great pipes by the way, they're unique, be carefull with those ok? oh, speaking of inspiration, have you listenend to the mars volta recently, thats a kick-ass band, you should check it out sometime. enniw's, i really enjoy your music and the live shows, it ROCKS!!! keep up the good arbeid All the best, jim orki, amsterdam p.s, skates look good on you8)
Kim: I did a double-take when you came by my rehearsal today. I wasn't expecting to see you and it was such a wonderful surprise! I listened to your CD immediately after getting home and I'm so very proud of you. You sound great and are working with some wonderful musicians! I appreciate your acknowledgement in the liner notes. Please drop by whenever you are in Tulsa. Warmest regards, Vernon Howard Director of Jazz Studies University of Tulsa
Both shows were amazing I'm glad you got thru the tech difficulties on Sunday to play a set and the session backstage during the acoustic schwag jam was a dream come true! Whenever you're in the midwest IN,IL,OH be sure and get ahold of me. Tell Sa'D what's up for me.
Thanks for the FUNKTASTIC weekend @ zoe,during schwagstock 32, if and when your in ST.LOUIS ,MO. be sure to keep in touch.
by the way you should book some shows in toronto canada so i can come see you in concert "it would be nice" you guys really sound great, and you look great as always
we would really like you to respond cause were intrested in how your trip to the mountains went,hope your doing well and moving forward in the music world. hope you enjoied yourself with us in negril at devon's greenleaf cabins. hope to hear from you soon. take care of yourself chow for now.
Thanks for the great show this weekend @ Schwagstock. Rock on girl. Please come back to Zoe in the future.
you rock girl
Girl I went to High School With you in Ponca. You Go Girl, just don't forget your roots!
Hey Kimtastic I "seen't" the P-Funk show at the Mohegan Sun Casino this past Friday night and enjoyed it very much!!! I'm the cat that shouted out your name as you were walking into the Wolf Den right before the show started. You know......the cat that was wearing the light blue shirt with all of the silver chains around the neck area (Mr.T Starter's-kit). I also was taking your picture with the cell-phone in front of the stage. THAT RED BASKETBALL OUT-FIT WAS THE BOMB....."DEM" RED SHORTS WERE FLAGRANT-FOUL-TIGHT!!!!! I'll take a offensive charge foul from you anytime Kim-baby ha-ha!!! LOVE AND LIGHT.....BABY!!! G-MAG
hey was nice to meet you at the casino the other nite, probably don't remember (walked down the stairs and past the bar with ya) you are amazingly talented as well as beautiful!! peace-josh
Hey, long time no see. Just wanted to say hi and see how things are going. I'm in Phoenix for a bit, but drop me a line and let me know what's kicking. Hope all is well, Fixion
In due time does the heart truely heal and grow with the ebb and flow of this thing we call life. Love is a treacherous thing, however you are brave for endeavoring albeit to your sadness. You are much better off, remember my theory, it most definitely was a metaphor for your glass heart...shattered, throw it away & your worries. Love ya babe, hang in there, * Kh
im your number 1# eternsl utlimete greatest sincere true dieheart fan for decades forever!
high Kim, after ur show in Lugano last month I'm seriously thought 2 become 1 of ur best fan...the pic I have taken with U is fantastic in my home...... I hope 2 C yaa very soon...Marco
Hope to see you soon - maybe when we're both HOME again! That would be good - food's on me!
Way to grow out of hometown. I remember you from school, atta girl were all proud of you back home girl your tearin it up! Keep it up! Love your cd! Can't wait to see you live!
you have true talent. you have a beautiful face and a more beautiful soul.
green leaf negril jamaica. how r you kim i hope the rest of your trip into the mountains went well . just thought id keep in touch with you since we had such a great time together take care and dont show the video of my girlfriends body around "lol".take care for now and we shall chat again bye for now.
Great website Kim. The tracks sound awesome. I downloaded every one and will buy the CD when I get a chance. I especially like the track "Two Hookers" :-)
Love the updated site. Everyone in Oz is hanging out to see you Down Under. J x
u did great at hammamet festival (Tunisia) we had a lot of fun. thanks and good luck
You was great in Tunisia, and really hot ;-) Thanks for all and good luck
What amazing performance tonight at the Nice Jazz Festival ! Thanx for your fly ! See ya...
Hi Kim, saw you in Ulm and you completely knocked me out. Great performance! Yes, I was the one with the mouth wide open for 3 1/2 hours.Next time you`r around,give me a call, maybe we can have a cup of coffee together... or something...and you can leave your skates on!
G'Dam. youve got a voice! - Arran (Shell shocked of Hammersmith)
Hey girl!!! how do you like that one? Somphonh?!!! Just wanna say, "I checked out your website!" As usual, you look absolutely fab!!! What the hell is "miss you til scarecrow anyways?!" love yah, sam
Great gig in Manchester on saturday, I traveled from Ireland to see the gig and i loved every minute. Keep funking.
Kim, You and the guys are so Amazing I love you guys!! You also have the GREATEST boss in the world!!
kim, you were aweseome at the Manchester P Funk gig. thanks for a great show
Hey, saw at the sage in gateshead on friday night. Absolutley fantastic night. You were on fire.
Hey kim, in ulm you were so hot i had to swet so much, i couldn´t believe it? I have to see you again your so sexy!!!!!!!!!!! Tobi
ulm was a very satisfying p-funk party, hotter than the fire outside,of course. thanks for being with the P. your album is great,keep on movin' on.
You go girl!!!!
Once again, from barcelona lots o' luv n' funk. Kim u rule, what a concert, still deaf on my right ear but I don't mind. Let's funk
BOOM!!!!!!!! Like a bomb u exploded and I was the casulty af funk. Damn U left a good impression on me at the rotterdam gig 03-07-2006. From now on i'm a Peaches fan. love........D
I'm so sad, cause i missed U at the Concert of George Clinton in Ulm!!! But 1600 Kilometers was to far... :-( I think it was good, but not as good as Rotterdam!!! :-)
Amazing concert in Barcelona by all the band. Electrifying. And your performance, at the end, specially, was out of this world. You definitely belong in that band, or any band.
How the fuck did you managed not to fall down skating in such a small space at Apolo? :P
Sorry but I don't think you've got your place in George Clinton's Band. Good luck anyway.
What a performance with GC last night in Rotterdam! You're so cool, so sexy. "Never gonna tell it" took the P.Funk party to a real climax.
I met You in Rotterdam before the Clinton Show and I say it again: Your ar so beautiful! On the Show (a fantastic Show) You show a great Performance with a great Voice and a wonderful Smile. Your Song with the Rollerskates was one of the Highlight of the Show! I hope to see You soon! Maybe in ULM Love und Peace Andre
Your performance with George Clinton at Roskilde was the best thing I heard at the entire festival. I can't believe I've never heard of you before, your music is beautiful. Plus you're a great rollerskater :)
Hey Kimtastic.....what-up girrrrrrrl, your new web-site is "pretty in purple"!!!! I don't know if you remember the Toad's Place show in New Haven Connecticut....that's where we met. I hope that you and the other funk'ets like the perfumed oils. Oh....and by the way, the pictures came out really nice, showed some of my friends....they're all "hater's" now....HA!!! G-MAG P.S. Are you going to make the Mohegan Sun Casino show in September?
What up Kim!!! Love the new site, You done good...can't wait to see you in August/September, I'm talking to Maceo about doing some shows with you possibly, Love and Light Sista Pamela check out my new myspace page with some of my music on it www.myspace.com/soulsingersmiles